Monday, 19 November 2012

Bit of a change

Been a few weeks since my last post. My blogging time has been spent expanding my skills to science/news writing:

As the observant among you might notice I've changed name! After 2 years with the team, I've left Team Accelerate, thanks to them and all the sponsors for the support over the last 2 years. Currently I'm doing just what the title suggests - fun running!

Contrary to the image that springs into your head, I haven't donned a giant oversized cartoon outfit and found the nearest marathon....
First on the cards was my debut at the South Yorkshire Cross Country League (I may be faster than I used to be but I still have some way to go with my top speed!), Leg it Round Lathkil followed where, having just regained my voice from a weekend of too much fun I managed a PB by a minute or so :-)

Biking the morning after the night before (weekend of too much fun)

 Most fun of all though, I've started hitting the fells by headtorch with the Pennine Tuesday night 'lite crew' - I've missed being out on the fells in the dark loads!

Hopefully there'll be a bit more excitement to report next time, but thats it for now...