Friday, 26 October 2012

Lis' Poem


I will put in his bag…….
The raucous banter of friends teasing one another as the start line lurches forward
The thrill and adventure of exploring new places, starting new races
Tears of joy and delight as challenges are conquered

I will put in his bag…….
Sharing a beer as there’s talk of new routes, short cuts, trods missed
The rhythm of feet as they dance across the mountain tops
The love and understanding of true fell running friends always nearby

I will put in his bag…….
An energy and determination to be marveled at by others
The purest blue skies that reflect an inner peace and harmony, at one in the wild
An ease of finding the strength and sparkle in whoever he met

Daz’s bag is fashioned from a mix of woven purple heather and vivid green moss
With golden bracken entwined on the top and secret stream pockets
It’s stitches are craggy with breathtaking surprise views
With a spark of an autumn sunrise to capture his mountain passion

He flew over rainbows with an open heart and his bag held tight
Touched souls, shared dreams, enthused all
With a smile and kind words, friends will always remember.

I will put in his bag…….
Love always……Love always….

A poem by Lis Bloor—written on 16th October 2012

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