Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hilly Run in the peaks

Today I met up with JC and Shelf for some hilly training in the peaks. It looked like it was going to be another wet and windy training session but, by the time we had sorted out a route and made it around Ladybower and up to the top of the woods near Win Hill, the sun was out!
We set off from the A57, contoured round Ladybower res then headed up the hill to the corner of the forest. Next we lost all that height and dropped into the Edale Valley before heading straight back up to the edge path of Kinder. We headed round to Ringing Rodger then dropped into Edale, straight across and up Mam Tor, along to Lose Hill via Hollins Cross, another big descent and then finally, the last climb of the day was up Win Hill. Here we discovered JCs camera had no battery and so I had to make proof we were there....The total route was a little over 18miles with more than 1200m climb - got to get a fair bit of climb in ready for Switzerland! My legs were a little tired at the start, but soon got into the hills, shame my lungs had a few problems after 2 hours as the inhaler I took was on the empty side and that made my last few climb attempts a little rubbish....
We outran the weather though and got the best of the day! There was even enough time for a cuppa in Shelfs new van upon return to the A57 before the rain started!

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