Sunday, 27 February 2011

MOD Stafford MTBO

Today was Stodge's Mountain Bike Orienteering head to head sprint at MOD Stafford - It comprised of a prologue race (to decide starting order) followed by the main event of 3 gaffles with 3 riders setting off on different loops at the same time.
It was a cold but dry morning until we got to within 5 miles of Stafford....then it got decidedly more wet! Perfect conditions to try out my new, white, Lichfield CC kit :-) (one machine wash down and the shorts are brown splattered still..)
I set off on the 5.4km prologue in between showers and had a reasonable clear, yet steady ride finishing in 27mins. I accidentally went to number 8 again instead of 21 just before the finish though therefore mispunched.
This wasn't a chasing sprint however so all that mattered was the main event! And a mp meant I got to set off sooner than I would have had I finished properly, which was a bonus as I was a bit cold by the second race!
The second race didn't start that well, with me folding half my first route off the map.....This lost me a minute or so, but I was clean technically and riding ok, then on my 2nd loop I noticed I'd folded the map wrong AGAIN! Another 30s lost but now all remaining controls were in view! I managed 2/3rds of the course well and made no major navigational errors, then the cold I have had for the last 2 weeks caught up with me and I lost time in the last third having to think every step through in slow motion :
'I need to go over there, How do I do that? That way, right, do I do that? Clip in and pedal...ok....'
The outcome of 45mins racing on the 8.8km course was what normally happens to me after 5hrs and not enough food :-) Hat's off to Stodge for providing an excellent challenge!
I finished in 15th overall (3rd Lady) which I was happy with as in terms of times that was possibly one of my best races to date...I'm looking forward to the rest of the MTBO season already!
I think I need to do a few intervals before the summer, for now I need to get rid of this cold properly (next weekend is actually 5hours of racing) ....and maybe some origami lessons would help with the map folding...

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